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Baby Cheryl Pre-Jerry days (from left) Steve, Dad,
Mike holding Jay, Mom, and Cheryl
The gang on 21st with all five kids,
Hank Hamilton, and Bojack
  Jerry, Jay, & Cheryl at Pine Lake   The Jenks Family, early 60's   Grandma English and grandkids
  Cheryl & Jay in Absarokee

Jerry, Cheryl & Jay

Marianne P. & Cheryl on the waterfront
  Mom and her five Mom and the kids at Lake Sawyer Steve, Jay, Jerry & Cheryl

  Aunt Lee and Rebecca John and Grandma John and Rebecca
  The Twins Andrea Andi's graduation
  John and Andi Cheryl's five plus one BBQ in Anderson's backyard
  Cheryl, Nick and Matthew Nicholas John
  Rebecca John Andi and Jaylani
  Four Generations Caitlyn Rae Stinson Darrius
  Grandma and Isaiah Mom, Shelby, Rebecca, Jaylani and Cheryl Isaiah
"Not lookin' too happy!!!" The fountain at the Seattle Center Jaylani, Santa, and Isaiah
  Jaylani & Kelly Walking on the waterfront Beck, Cheryl, Jerry & Austin
  Daniel and Caitlyn Daisie, Daniel & Caitlyn Jaylani
  Rebecca, pre-Isaiah Gib Jerry's backyard
  Isaiah Jaylani and the Great Pumpkin Jaylani
  Jaylani and Caitlyn Jaylani and Grandma Princess Jaylani
Isaiah's 1st Autumn Caitlyn Nancy, Cheryl & Dad
Isaiah on 1st Birthday! Nancy and Jaylani in Algona Jaylani with Isaiah and Darrius
  Nick and Jaylani