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Aunts Eldora, Gail, & Lee Uncle Leroy and Mom in South Dakota Mom and her sheep
Aunt Caroline(?) and Mom Mom in South Dakota Mom and a friend
  Mom(?) at the Woodland Park Zoo Mom (front row, flowered dress) & friends    Mom
Mom at about 16 Wedding picture of Grandma & Grandpa (sitting) Grandpa  & Grandma Green
  Steve, Dad, Mike, Jerry, Mom & Cheryl   Mom, Mike & Grandpa Green Grandpa Green & Grandma Ruth
Mom, Grandma Green and Joanne Beaurain The Green Family, before 1952 Grandma Green
Steve, Mom & Mike, two cousins, (front row, Dad's side) Mom Uncle Leroy & Aunt Meryle
Mom & Jerry Uncle Leroy Mom in her cool shades on 21st
Family portrait, about 1960 Grandma playin' poker!!! Cooney Dam in Upper Whitebird
Mom, Eldora, Lee & Gail Grandma Green Lee, Eldora, Grandma, Gail & Mom
  Grandma Green Grandma shootin some stick!!! Grandma Green and Matthew
Grandma Mary and Matthew Grandma, Cathy, Matthew & Jerry   Mom, Jerry, Grandma, Cathy & Matthew
  Mom and Eldora on the waterfront Nick and Grandma Mary Mom trying to be graceful!!!
  Mom, Leroy and Eldora Aunt Claudia and Uncle Leroy Mom
  Mom, dog Shelby, Andi with
Jaylani, and Cheryl
  Eldora, Matthew & Cathy Julie Beaurain & Aunt Eldora
  Surprise!!! Mom & Anderson Mom in DeBorgia
Mom, Andy, & Eldora Mom and her five kids Mom & Andy
Jay and Mom  Mom in Deborgia Aunt Lee and Rebecca
  Four generations Steve's family with Mom, Jerry & Jay  Jerry (the groom), Mom, and Jay